At Crooked Oak Farms, our chickens and ducks are able to free range all day, every day.  This ensures that they are getting all of the nutrients needed for healthy, happy birds.  Our eggs are from birds that have no antibiotics, no gmos, and no steroids.  We believe that nature provides everything that our feathered friends need to live a happy, healthy life on the farm.


At Crooked Oak Farms, we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best quality eggs that there are to offer.  Our eggs are always free range, pasture raised.  Our hens constantly graze freely and forage off of many nutrients that are available on our farm.  We love that our hens are able to provide amazing eggs while keeping our tick and bug population at bay!  Our yolks are orange and we are so proud of that!  We truly believe that once you have a healthy, pure, pasture raised egg; you will not want to eat any other type of egg!  We are looking forward to adding more colors to our egg collection in the future!